PCI-X gigabit ethernet cards on IRIX

The following cards would work under IRIX if tricked to appear as an SGI Gigabit Ethernet card with part number 9210289. However, documentation on how to do this has been seemingly lost with the end of Nekochan.

Source: wiki.preterhuman.net

However, a post from user canavan on Nekochan was archived, detailing how to get the IBM NetXtreme 1000 T working and reporting as an SGI 5704 card. Theoretically, other BCM5704-based cards should be able to be made to work as well.
To get an IBM NetXtreme 1000 T working, install the card in a Linux computer with ethtool installed and run the following commands on both of the card's interfaces.

ethtool -E (interface) magic 0x669955aa offset 0xa4 value 0x80
ethtool -E (interface) magic 0x669955aa offset 0xa5 value 0x13
ethtool -E (interface) magic 0x669955aa offset 0xa6 value 0x10
ethtool -E (interface) magic 0x669955aa offset 0xa7 value 0xa9

After this, it should be seen as an SGI 5704 card.

Source: nekochan.net